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Snakebite .45

This weapon is a unique .45 Auto Pistol inspired by the custom “Snake Match” M1911 used by Big Boss in the videogame Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. When equipped, it also equips the user with a cosmetic combat knife, held in the same CQC posture used by Big Boss in the aforementioned game.

Parts Used

I started with the .45 Auto Pistol mesh from the Honest Hearts DLC and retextured it to be two-tone. I then removed part of the left grip panel and added the lozenge-shaped divot from the Silenced .22 SMG's handguard. I then added the match trigger and skeleton hammer from A Light Shining in Darkness, and the charging handle from the Silenced .22 SMG as a thread protector.

Perks and Challenges

The following properties, perks and challenges apply to this weapon:

Usage Notes

The .45 Auto Pistol Silencer mod can be attached as a cosmetic upgrade, but even without it, this weapon fires silently.


This weapon must be custom built to order by Vlad, and cannot otherwise be obtained without console commands.

Snakebite .45
Strength 3 Skill Guns 25
Ammo Type .45 Auto
Capacity 8
Ammo Use Per Shot 1 Regen Rate N/A
Attack Stats
Base Damage 33 DPS 90
Damage Per Projectile 33 # of Projectiles 1
Crit Damage 33 Crit % Multiplier x2
AP 15 Min. Spread 0.35
Limb Damage Multiplier 1 Rate of Fire 1
Other Stats
Weight 2 Value 5000
Item HP 350 Sight FOV 50
Repair .45 Auto Pistols
FormID ##FE000D
Weapon Mods
.45 AP Silencer N/A N/A
Animation Type OneHandPistol
Attack Animation AttackRight
Reload Animation ReloadL
Noise Level Silent
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