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Crossbow Bolt

Crossbow Bolts are a small, fletched projectile made mostly of aluminum. They can be recovered from targets for reuse.

This is a custom ammunition type created especially for the NIF-Bashed Weapons Mega-Pack.


There are three varieties of bolt available:

  • Bullet Point – The most commonly-available type of bolt, the tapered tip shape allows it to easily penetrate armor (-8 DT).
  • Blunt Tip – The weighted blunt tip makes this type of bolt heavier and more accurate, delivering a lot of force on impact but with less penetration (+250 Fatigue Damage, 0.8x Spread, 0.95x Damage).
  • Broadhead – The large, razor-sharp blades create a wider wound channel, dealing more damage (1.75x Damage).


The following Mega-Pack weapons can fire this ammunition:

Crossbow Bolt Crossbow bolts in a quiver
Technical Data
Value 2 (Bullet Point)
3 (Blunt)
5 (Broadhead)
Weight 0.075 (Bullet Point)
0.15 (Blunt)
0.1 (Broadhead)
FormID ##FA001A (Bullet Point)
##FA001B (Blunt)
##FA001C (Broadhead)


This ammo type can be crafted at any reloading bench.

Crossbow Bolt, Bullet Point (x5)
Materials Scrap Metal
Skill Requirements Repair 35
Crossbow Bolt, Blunt Tip (x5)
Materials Scrap Metal
Lead (x300)
Skill Requirements Repair 35
Crossbow Bolt, Broadhead (x5)
Materials Scrap Metal
Throwing Knife (x5)
Skill Requirements Repair 35
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