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Cluster Bomb Missile

The Cluster Bomb is a type of missile that ejects multiple smaller submunitions on impact. While the primary explosion is relatively weak, each subsequent bomblet explodes with roughly the same force as a fragmentation grenade, making it extremely effective against personnel and soft (unarmored) targets.

This is a custom ammunition type created especially for the NIF-Bashed Weapons Mega-Pack.


All weapons firing Missiles can fire this ammunition.


The number of submunitions deployed on impact is derived from the player's Explosives skill. \[ SecondaryExplosions = \frac {Explosives} {5} \] This means that with a maxed-out Explosives skill of 100, a total of twenty additional bomblets will be spawned on impact.

Cluster Bomb Missile
Effects Secondary explosions
Technical Data
Value 150 Weight 1.5
FormID ##FA0024
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