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Scrapper's Duster

I picture this outfit being worn by a bare-knuckle brawler, and the shirtless look under the coat is supposed to be reminiscent of a boxer's robe that one might wear as they enter the ring.

Parts Used

I used the pants and boots from the Ranger Casual outfit, paired with Ulysses' Duster, the bandolier from the Ranger Red Scarf outfit, the bandages from Joshua Graham's Armor, and the right pauldron from the Leather Armor (mirrored). The female version also includes the bra from the Exposed Prostitute outfit.

Usage Notes

With this outfit equipped, all attacks (regardless of type or weapon) deal Fatigue damage.

Scrapper's Duster Male and female versions
Effects +5 Unarmed
Bonus Fatigue damage
Item HP 150 Value 500
Weight 5 Class Light
DT 6 DR 0
Repair NCR Ranger Combat Armor
FormID ##C0000E
Body Slots UpperBody
Scrapper's Duster Back view
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