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Infiltrator Suit

I always felt that the Assassin Suit looked too bulky to be a practical sneaking outfit, so I decided to fix it.

Parts Used

I started with the Assassin Suit from the Dead Money DLC and removed the massive collar, breathing apparatus, and belt pouches, then lowered the profile of the black vertical straps on the legs. I then added the pistol mag pouches from Joshua Graham's Armor, and the harness from the Reinforced Combat Armor.

Usage Notes

The special Stealth Takedown maneuver silently renders NPCs unconscious, and can be performed by sneaking up undetected on any human enemy and activating them. It costs 20 AP to perform.

Infiltrator Suit Male and female versions
Effects Stealth field
Stealth Takedown
Item HP 65 Value 5000
Weight 10 Class Light
DT 10 DR 0
Repair Recon Armor
FormID ##A0000B
Body Slots UpperBody
Infiltrator Suit Back view
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