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Guardian Acolytes

The Bronze Oracle's Guardian Acolytes are undead warriors responsible for guarding her sanctum and expelling interlopers.


Acolytes are single-mindedly tasked with defending the Oracle and her sanctum and will wordlessly and ruthlessly execute their duties.


Hewn from the bones of the greatest and most-loyal warriors from the height of the Oracle's power and given un-life through arcane magicks, the Guardian Acolytes have the honor of being summoned to guard the Oracle for all eternity. Being that they are not alive, they cannot be killed and will always get up when downed – ready to do their duty.


Apparel Weapons Other Items On Death
Bronze Helmet Halberd Bronze Shield N/A

The Acolyte's halberd imparts a poison effect.


Acolytes will only be summoned if the Oracle is attacked, and will not leave the sanctum in pursuit.


The Acolyte was made starting with the Starlet skeleton mesh from the Dead Money DLC, adding the same helmet taken from the statue representing the Oracle, and repurposing the bowl as a shield. The halberd was made using the shaft of the base game Throwing Spear and replacing the tip with the crest from the helmet, beveled into a blade.

The design was inspired by the stop-motion skeletons produced by Ray Harryhausen for the 1963 film Jason and the Argonauts.

Acolytes are scaled at 150% of normal.

Guardian Acolyte Two of the Oracle's Guardian Acolytes
First Appearance The Bronze Oracle v1.1 (Month ##, 2021)
Race Ghoul
Gender N/A
Occupation Guardian
Affiliation The Bronze Oracle
Base SPECIAL 5 ST, 10 PE, 1 EN, 1 CH, 1 IN, 5 AG, 7 LK
Tag Skills Melee Weapons, Unarmed
Alignment Neutral
Mood Neutral
Aggression Aggressive
Confidence Foolhardy
Editor ID aaaNPCSkeletonWarrior
Base ID ##AC0002
Ref ID ##C1AC01
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