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Humble Goodsprings Bungalow

The Humble Goodsprings Bungalow is a from-the-ground-up remake of my first (and current) player home from New Vegas. I went for a more rustic, homey vibe with this one, in keeping with the game's less sci-fi/techy feel, in contrast to Fallout 3. The features of this home are more simple and grounded – akin to what I think a scavenger reclaiming an abandoned house might realistically manage to come up with.


Kitchen The kitchen


  • Stovetop – Serves as a campfire for cooking food or crafting healing items
  • Sink – Provides purified water for drinking
  • Fridge – Used for storing foodstuffs
  • Seating for up to four people
Living Room The living room

Living Room

  • Snowglobe Display Stand – Show off your hard-won collectibles
  • Jukebox – Plays blues tracks and accepts Caps as payment
  • Liquor Cabinet – Used for storing alcohol
  • Couches and seating for up to four people
  • Lots of pre-placed clutter
Bedroom The bedroom


  • Bed – Grants the Well Rested status effect
  • Wardrobe – Used for storing outfits and clothing
  • Safe – Used for storing valuables
  • Steamer Trunk – Additional storage space
  • Desk and Terminal
Bathroom Ensuite bathroom

Ensuite Bathroom

  • Bathtub – Scrubs radiation when activated
  • Sink – Provides purified water for drinking
  • Toilet – Serves as a piece of furniture that you can sit on
Basement The basement


  • First-Aid Station – Provides basic medical care (only heals wounds and crippled limbs)
  • Workbench – Used for crafting items and repairing equipment
  • Reloading Press – Used for reloading spent casings into new ammo
  • Lockers – Three full-sized lockers to organize and store all your loot
  • Garbage Can – Permanently removes all items stored inside from the game
  • Hardcases – Multiple different containers for storing weaponry
  • Ammo Boxes – Individual ammo boxes for sorting ammunition by type (i.e. Pistol, Rifle, Energy, Explosive)
  • Armor Locker – Large double locker for storing armor
  • Water Purifier – Automatically converts Dirty Water into Purified Water every time you leave and re-enter the cell
  • Nuka-Cola Vending Machine – Automatically converts Nuka-Cola into Ice Cold Nuka-Cola every time you exit and re-enter the cell


The house is the second one north of Doc Mitchell's, just down the hill from the gas station, with the Bighorner out front. Previously boarded up, it now has two lanterns beside the door to mark it. Trudy has the key which you must either pickpocket, or complete Ghost Town Gunfight in Goodsprings' favor to be rewarded with the key upon completion. The key should also be able to be looted from Trudy's corpse if you choose to do Run Goodsprings Run instead.

Humble Goodsprings Bungalow

DLC Plugin

There is an optional replacement plugin available if you own New Vegas and all the DLCs. This all-DLC version overwrites the vanilla DLC snowglobe scripts so that the instances in the Lucky 38 are not enabled when you pick up a DLC snowglobe (meaning you don't get any Caps either), and the Misc item isn't removed from your inventory. If you carry that back to the house and activate the display stand, the corresponding DLC snowglobe will appear over the fireplace mantle.


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