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Lab Rat Outfit

This is an outfit that I'd imagine someone wearing while conducting experiments out in the Wasteland on behalf of actual scientists.

Parts Used

This outfit was made using the lab coat from the Scientist outfit, the pants from the Memphis Kid outfit, the Vault Jumpsuit boots, the “nude” underwear shirt, the bandolier from the Ranger Casual outfit, the leather loops from the Wasteland Doctor fatigues and the goggles from the Prospector outfit.

Usage Notes

When using base-game energy weapons, you have a random chance (up to 25% with max. Luck) to get back one fully charged Microfusion Cell, Small Energy Cell, or Electron Charge Pack with each shot, at the cost of +2 rads each time.

Lab Rat Outfit Male and female versions
Effects Recharge energy cells
Item HP 100 Value 100
Weight 2 Class Light
DT 3 DR 0
Repair Scientist Outfits
FormID ##C0000A
Body Slots UpperBody
Lab Rat Outfit Back view
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