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Grease Monkey Jumpsuit

I designed this outfit to be something practical that a tinkerer could wear while exploring the Wasteland, with enough pockets and pouches to store tools and equipment while also providing a little bit of protection.

Parts Used

This outfit was made using the RobCo Jumpsuit as a base, adding the armor, belt and pouches from the Leather Armor, the shoulder pad from the Armored Vault Jumpsuit (repurposed as a knee pad), and the tasset from the NCR Ranger Patrol Armor.

Usage Notes

When reloading, you have a random chance (up to 12.5% with max. Luck) to restore your weapon's condition. \[ PercentConditionRestored = \frac {Repair} {Luck} \]

Grease Monkey Jumpsuit Male and female versions
Effects Weapon maintenance
Item HP 125 Value 75
Weight 8 Class Light
DT 4 DR 0
Repair Jumpsuits
FormID ##C0000C
Body Slots UpperBody
Grease Monkey Jumpsuit Back view
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